Older adults:

We Help Older Adults Avoid Slowing Down,

Prevent Nasty Falls And Maintain Independence

All From The Comfort of Your Own Home

Are you worried about a relative losing their mobility?

Are you concerned about losing your independence?

Have you had major surgery and would like physio

without leaving home?


Would you like to be more active but you are not sure how?

Is getting to appointments difficult?

Have you lost motivation and used to be more active?

This is how most of our patients start out. Nervous, sceptical, unsure and doubtful that anything can be done to make them feel more mobile and less stiff.


A lot of people are told to just live with it and that its part of getting old. Or worse they are given an ultimatum: a life of pain and painkillers or major surgery.

It is very natural to lose confidence and begin to do less and be less active through fear of pain or fear of losing your balance and having a fall.

At Instant Physio we view these problems as a cycle of pain...

You experience pain

You lose your confidence

You do less activity

Which leads to more pain and the cycle continues.

At Instant Physio we have created a way in which you can wave goodbye to those problems and join a community of other people who are working towards the same goal.

Instant Physio At Home is a physio-led daily 15-minute exercise routine designed to reduce pain, improve flexibility and regain mobility.

We have a range of classes for different conditions:

Back, Hip & Knee


Neck & Shoulder

Balance & Falls Prevention


How it works:


- Log in via Zoom call at the same time each day (Monday to Friday)

- Join in with the class for the days routine of exercises for 15 minutes

- Have a natter with the class afterward (optional)

and that's it!



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