Knee Pain Supports for:

  • Knee arthritis

  • Meniscal injury

  • ACL tear

  • Runner's knee

  • Tendinitis

  • Illiotibial Band Syndrome


Best Support For Knee Arthritis:

German designed and manufactured, this brace designed by Bauerfeind who have over 80 years in the industry is highly recommended by us due to its superior quality and positive feedback from our knee arthritis patients. People get scared when they hear the word 'arthritis'. In reality there is so much that can be done to help knee arthritis. One of the quickest ways to ease pain with arthritis is with a well-fitted knee support.

Best Support For ACL tear / instability:

Tearing a major ligament in the knee such as your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is serious. External support is a very effective way of keeping the knee stable. This is perfect for someone who wants to keep their knee stable during multi-directional sports. Seek advice on your particular problem by giving us a call if you are not sure. DonJoy are hands down the best in the industry for this type of support and many of our patients come back to use with very positive feedback.

Best Recommendation For Anterior Knee Pain​:

This is the best tape you can use to support your knee and ease pain while running, climbing stairs and day to day activities. So many of our patients love the instant relief this kind of taping can offer. Here is the link to how to apply the tape:

Best Support For Illiotibial Band Syndrome:

This is an extremely effective adjunct for illiotibial syndrome (ITBS). Amongst the population of runners, ITBS is very common and can be very debilitating. Alongside a physiotherapy treatment plan, this strap can be very effective at easing pain as you are getting back into running and is used by many of our patients.

Best Support For Knee Tendinitis:

Tendon problems are extremely in the sporting population. 50% of all footballing injuries are tendon related. This is the best tendon support for patella tendinitis. This is the most robust, comfortable and best quality on the market used by our patients.

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