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We Help People Who Are Self-Isolating

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We are available now for online appointments - get all of the best treatment for Back pain, Neck & Shoulder pain, Knee pain or a Sports Injury all from the comfort of your own home...

How does Digital Physio work?

We begin by gathering information from you about your problem by talking through your symptoms and building an understanding of what's going on over the phone or through a video call.


We then move on to the physical assessment where we check your range of movement and carry out certain tests to determine the diagnosis.


After this, we talk you through exactly what's wrong, how to fix it, and put together a plan of how to get it back to normal.


We then provide a set of clear instructions on what to do, what not to do and send you a rehabilitation programme in the form of corrective exercises that help you recover.

Isn't physio something you need to do face to face?

Thankfully the answer is no! We have a digital arm of Instant Physio which we use to help our national and international clients.


The vast majority of injuries and conditions can be dealt with remotely through education, advice, and rehabilitation.


There are certain techniques that can be used to self-treat which can be taught over the phone as well such as trigger pointing and sports taping.

What is included in Digital Physiotherapy?


Clarity on what your injury (diagnosis) is and how long it will take to recover


A clear plan of how to get you better in the fastest and safest time


A personalised home exercise programme designed to help you recover and stay well


Advice on the best ways to sit, stand, exercise and move around safely with your injury


Advice on the do's and don'ts of your specific injury so that you have the peace of mind that you are not making things worse in what you are doing day to day


Advice on the best ways to keep active while you are recovering from your injury


Self-treatment techniques designed to help you ease pain fast

Advice on the best equipment to use to help ease your pain


If required, letters to consultants or your GP advising further investigations



"After realising that no matter how much I tried to ignore it my back pain wasn't going anywhere unless I took action. After 2 sessions of digital physio with Instant Physio I am feeling much better. I can move normally again now and am able to start doing my home workouts again now which is great! Thanks for your help Ed!" Karen, Tooting