We Help People Return To Activity Or Sport

After ACL Surgery 

Without Waiting Lists, Limits On Treatment Numbers

(That's Right - Unlimited Sessions!)

AND Ensure You See The Same Physio 

If injuring your ACL wasn't traumatic, stressful and painful enough, the care you receive after your surgery has the potential to make things a whole lot worse.
If you have decided to go ahead with having your ACL reconstructed then there is a lot to think about. Surgeons say that their job is only half of the work required and that your aftercare (physio) is what makes up the other half when it comes to successfully recovering...
... Who you choose to be your Physio after your surgery is what makes the difference between getting discharged from physio (earlier than you would like) feeling frustrated and stressed about the lack of treatment you have received, lacking the confidence to return to activity or sport and feeling like the whole process took a lot longer than it needed to
... returning to your chosen sport feeling confident, ready and safe in the knowledge that you have received the BEST possible care, with peace of mind that you can still return for follow up care as needed. 
 If You Would Like
Unlimited Physiotherapy Sessions, 
A Designated Physiotherapist
(Who Has Wide Experience
With ACL Repairs) ​
Who Will Offer One To One Care,
And Use The Latest Treatment
To Help You
Return To Sport Or Activity 
Then  We Can Help...
If you are interested in one of our "ACL Recovery Packages" we are accepting clients now...
... This is not a year-round package we offer but we are accepting clients now and there are only a few places still available. To apply simply give us a call and we can arrange a free "Recovery Session" which is where you can talk to your designated physiotherapist over the phone or in person and discuss the options available to you. 
This is a package of care which is exclusive to anywhere in London. Even the best health insurance cover will lead to you running out of sessions and having to pay out of pocket for ongoing treatment.
This is the best option for people who want their own personal physiotherapist, want the peace of mind they are getting the best possible care for their knee and want to be sure they don't take any chances with who they choose to be their physio.