30-Day back to health course:

Huge Relief From Back Pain - Live Course with Ed Thompson (10+ years experience)

  • Do you hate sitting because of a bad back?

  • Are you concerned about your back pain getting worse?

  • Have you lost flexibility and putting your socks on is an effort?


  • Would you like to be more active but your back is stopping you?

  • Do you have to use painkillers to get through the day?

  • Have you tried treatments that didn't work in the past?

A lot of people think back pain is something that you just have to ‘put up’ with or get told that it’s something that comes with age.


Most of the people we help don’t have debilitating back pain.


More often, it’s the daily, annoying kind of backache and stiffness which makes sitting comfortably almost impossible, makes walking, standing and keeping active difficult and causes the person to live in fear of it getting worse.


If you've got back pain, stiffness or an ache - it is tempting to think that the pain will go away on its own. Perhaps you may think you have "slept funny" or have overdone it at work sitting at your desk or that it is something which is "normal" for people your age.

At Instant Physio we view these problems as a cycle of pain...

  • You experience pain

  • You lose your confidence

  • You do less activity  (and the cycle continues)


30-Day Instant Physio At Home Back Pain Series


+ Get back to the workouts you love

+ Sleep better, sit comfortably, enjoy long walks, stand and be up and about for long periods and be able to move around freely


+ Keep active - that means being able to enjoy walking out with friends and family, getting back to regular exercise routines, or just playing with the kids


+ Move more freely - just being able to put your socks on without wincing is what a lot of people want! Or being able to wake up feeling refreshed and not stiff and sore from a night sleep


+ Stop relying on painkillers - physiotherapy is a completely natural form of treatment meaning no chemicals or potions are needed


+ Discover how to prevent back pain - along with getting you better, we'll focus a lot of our efforts on giving you the tools to keep back pain at bay so that you don't have to go through any of this again un-necessarily

+ Avoid multiple trips to the GP


Join the 30-Day

Back Pain Challenge:


Live from Zoom: Starts Every Monday


  • Proven Effective Relief for Back Pain

  • Ease and Convenience 

  • Big gains in Flexibility

  • Personalised Live Coaching

  • Led by a Back Pain Expert with 10+ years experience



  • 2x 30 minute virtual physio consultations

  • 15 minute Per Day (Monday - Friday)

  • Daily Live Video (or replay) Classes

  • Answers To All Your Questions

  • Amazing, Supportive community

  • Guaranteed Results


  • Zoom Calls (camera off if preferred)

  • Access to the Videos After the Course (lifetime access)

  • Daily Live Q & A



  • Computer/Phone and Zoom Account

  • 15 Minutes Per Day


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